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I do family tree research throughout all areas of Scotland, specialising in the counties of Perthshire and Angus/Forfarshire, using my own unique artwork. I aim to provide you with the building blocks to go out and discover your personal family history, with the knowledge that you need to climb your own tree. I offer you a chance to delve into your family history at a competitive rate. I can follow a single branch of your family or delve into more detail and explore all avenues.

I work on an electronic basis wherever possible, and therefore will email all completed research (including unique artwork) as standard, but I can arrange printing and postage for an additional cost if required. I am also happy to discuss any specific requests that are not included in the packages. All research requests will be considered. Please view package options and additional services (below) for more details. I will provide a prompt service and try to accommodate your personal requirements wherever possible.

Package Options

If you want a structured research package, I can follow 1 line of research from a grandparent (IVY package), 2 lines follows both grandparents on either the paternal or maternal line (SYCAMORE package) or I can follow all 4 lines which follows all grandparents on both the paternal and maternal lines (OAK package). Please note that all research will be sent electronically as standard, but can be printed and posted for an additional cost. I require a 25% (of package price) deposit before I commence any research. I will create a simple computerised tree to accompany my research.

IVY package

Follow one branch of your family as far back as records allow. This can either be on a male line (for example, following the surname of your paternal grandfather) or the female line (find your maternal grandmother’s ancestors and discover those surnames you have never known of before!) and will include copies of the relevant certificates. If you request it, the IVY artwork shows names and basic dates for direct ancestors (please note: this will incur additional costs).

Cost £140 (£35 deposit)

SYCAMORE package

Choose either the paternal, or maternal line and I will trace as far back as records allow. In addition to the IVY package, this will include basic details of your ancestors’ siblings within the family home using census details from 1841-1911 (where possible) and showing any occupations recorded. Sibling information will be supplied in census documentation. If you request it, the SYCAMORE artwork shows names and basic dates for direct ancestors (please note: this will incur additional costs).

Cost £270 (£67.50 deposit)

OAK package

Like the majestic old Oak tree, you will end up with a great many branches and twigs! Choose this package if you wish to follow all branches of your family as far back as records allow. This will include copies of the relevant certificates, basic details of your ancestors’ siblings within the family home using census details from 1841-1911 (where possible) and showing any occupations recorded. Sibling information will be supplied in census documentation. I will also include tips on those ancestors who may be of particular interest. You will receive two computerised OAK trees, one for each side of the family. If you request it, the OAK artwork shows names and basic dates for direct ancestors (please note: this will incur additional costs).

Cost £475 (£118.75 deposit)

Other Options

Additional Services:

I offer the following additional services as well as the set packages. Please note that all additional services will be charged at a rate of £20 per hour (plus costs*) unless otherwise stated. *Costs include printing, postage, access to pay-per-view websites and purchasing documentation.

If your ancestors were living in my hometown of Pitlochry or surrounding area (up to 10 miles) I can organise photography of buildings, streets and gravestones (where these still exist).

I can provide you with a digital copy of your unique hand painted family tree as researched by me for an additional cost (this will vary depending upon the size of your individual tree, as I need to create it with your family details). Paper copies at a later date can also be organised.

Perhaps you already have your family history, but like the artwork you have seen here. Names and dates from your existing tree can be written into my artwork.

Bespoke Research:

If a package option does not suit you, or you have a more specific set of requirements, I can undertake bespoke research on your behalf for an hourly rate (minimum 2 hour deposit* before I commence any research). This research can be conducted to your financial requirements, either by setting the financial limit from the outset, or by regular updates and reviews. An invoice for the final amount will be issued upon completion of research. *All deposits for bespoke research are non-refundable.

Research Request Form:

Please contact me directly by telephone, email or on the Old Oak Facebook page at:


(with a message containing your email) and I will email you the initial Research Request Form. Once you have completed it with the details you know so far and what you hope to find out, return it to me along with your deposit and I can get started!

Please call or email me with any research requests

Phone: 07999 656193

Email: old-oak@hotmail.com

One-to-One Sessions:

I am now offering one-to-one sessions digitally (or by phone). These can be for anything you choose, from ways to begin your research to brick walls or more general discussions about your tree. You can chat with me and get tips, or I can do some research live while you watch! You should submit your aim and family information before our appointment (using the request form I will provide) and then we can carry out relevant research on your project whilst online together. I can do 30 minutes (£15), 1 hour (£30) or 2 hour (£60) sessions (I will consider other durations for your session upon prior arrangement). Please message, email or call me to find out more and to arrange your session!

Gift Certificates:

Gift certificates can be purchased for any amount (from £20) and are valid for 9 months from the purchase date, allowing time for the lucky recipient to decide who they want to find out about. Gift certificates can be used with any Old Oak package option, for bespoke research or one-to-one sessions. The value of the certificate will be treated as a deposit* for the type of research later chosen by the recipient – there is no need to decide which package now. Gift certificates are also available for the full cost of any package if you wish to give someone an extra special treat! Your completed gift certificate will be emailed to you upon receipt of payment, for you to print at home. *All gift certificates are non-refundable, as all deposits for bespoke research are non-refundable.

My research will be conducted using official records, but I can only produce an accurate family tree if the initial information supplied by you, the client, is as detailed and accurate as possible. I will accept transcribed notes or copies of original certificates when starting the journey through your personal history. Unfortunately I cannot be held liable for any research which is undertaken where inaccurate information was supplied and will need to charge for time, costs and effort of research undertaken to that point.
With pre-1855 records (Old Parish Registers) it can sometimes be hard to confirm whether I have found the correct record. If this is the case, I will provide notes to show how I came to my conclusions or why I am uncertain or unwilling to proceed.
The 1841 census is not particularly accurate, so it may not always be possible to confirm your ancestors with certainty in this census.

Here at Old Oak Genealogy, I’m committed to protecting the information you provide when you contact me with your family history research requirements.

My promises to you:
I will not use your personal or family data for any reason other than that which you agree to (for family history research purposes) or to directly contact you privately regarding that research.

No other clients will be able to see your identity or personal information at any time without your prior consent. In certain situations, I may request your permission to pass on selected personal information to other clients, and then I will only share with other individual clients with your permission if you are researching the same family tree and it would be to your advantage.
I will keep your personal data and research notes made by myself (or related information provided by you)
I do not send out mass emails using any mailing lists containing your contact details, so your data is viewed only by me at Old Oak Genealogy.
You will not be contacted in any way other than directly by myself regarding previous or future research commissions..


“Mari found out loads of exciting details I didn’t know about my family. She was very helpful and professional. I highly recommend her. She put in a lot of time and effort and paved the way for us to continue our search ourselves.” Lorna Logan, Perthshire, Scotland

“Marigold located documents to confirm and establish my family into the 1700s in Perthshire, Scotland, and where there were questions about the connection, she provided several possibilities that could then be researched further if the documentation existed. Marigold was prompt, detailed and provided feedback that gave me a full picture of my family with ideas for additional research.” Drew Campbell, Colorado, USA

“Marigold was exceptional in sourcing new information for my family tree. She pays particular attention to accuracy and detail. I also enjoyed her leading me to other resource material of great value.” Gordon McDiarmid, Winnipeg, Canada.

“I was very pleased with your attentiveness.” Ann MacPherson, Perthshire, Scotland

“I was…delighted to discover that there is a resident genealogist in Perthshire, in the very area of Pitlochry where I have been doing much of my research. I contacted Marigold to assist me in completing a family tree, to tie up some loose ends and perhaps have a new approach on several aspects which, for me, have been difficult in getting results etc. Marigold is excellent as a professional genealogist – friendly and enthusiastic and above all in her investigations she has a very interested, learned and intelligent approach. She has the ability and knowledge to widen the investigations whilst also carefully building, if necessary, on my own research and suggestions.” Vivien Stapylton-Smith, Wigan, England