About Me:

My name is Marigold Massie and I live in Highland Perthshire, also known as Big Tree Country. I have been working on my own family tree since 2010 and have found my calling in life. I have two children and have been working part time since January 2015 as a professional genealogist.

I completed a Genealogy course at Perth College and volunteer at the Pitlochry and Moulin Heritage Centre during it’s open season. I enjoy local history, but I get especially excited helping those people who come in to make use of the Local Family History room. In my own family history research, I have obtained the basic details for my ancestors and then proceeded to delve into old photos of the places they lived and worked, historical maps of where they were based and other areas of interest, such as some interesting professions.

I do not intend to do all this interesting follow-up work on your tree unless you want me to! Firstly, I have been working on my tree for several years and am still nowhere near satisfied that I have all that I could. Secondly, the cost of all this research would be enormous to you! And finally, you would miss out on making those satisfying discoveries which personalise the names in your tree and take you on a journey through time.

I aim to provide you with the building blocks to go out and discover your personal family history, with the knowledge that you need to climb your own tree. I will provide a prompt service and try to accommodate your personal requirements wherever possible. I can follow a single branch of your family or delve into more detail and explore all avenues. I have also compiled a document containing Scottish dates, information and terms which may be of use. Please request this if you wish to make use of it.

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